Writing Exercises Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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4 min readSep 13

Whether you’re a new writer or a seasoned, published author, creative writing exercises can help develop and hone your writing skills. We’ve seen firsthand how using writing exercises can improve a writer’s work and even provide some new inspiration. Now the stars have aligned, and we’re bringing you writing exercises straight from the cosmos! If you check your horoscope every day — or even if you consider astrology nothing more than a fun diversion — you can benefit from trying these writing exercises based on your zodiac sign.

Great Writing Exercises For Each Zodiac Sign

Aries: You excel at taking initiative and starting new projects, and you likely have no shortage of energy for starting something new. Pick a letter from the alphabet (not x, q, or z!) and choose a time limit or word count. Without using any words that contain the letter you’ve picked, write until you hit your time or word count.

Taurus: You’re down to earth, and you love consistency and reliability. Your writing challenge is two-fold. First, find a place where you wouldn’t normally write to refresh your scenery and surroundings. Then, take something you’ve already written and flip it to another genre. Try swapping your romance story into a thriller. Or, if you write essays, write a poem based on one of your topics. If you’re a poet, use words, images, and ideas from one of your poems to write a full scene.

Gemini: You’re bright, and your mind moves quickly — so you probably don’t spend too much time staring at a blank page. For this exercise, focus on one emotion, set a timer (you determine what the time limit should be), and start mind-mapping the emotion. How does the emotion feel in the body and in the world? What does it look like and sound like? What images does it conjure in your mind’s eye?

Cancer: You feel things deeply and are quite sentimental, but you may also be a little insecure. To quiet that critical little voice in your head, use timed stream-of-consciousness writing. Set the timer for two or three minutes, and as soon as you start writing, don’t stop until the timer goes off. Even if you find yourself writing gibberish — keep going! As soon as words pop into your head, write them down.

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