Too Tired To Write? Here’s How To Beat Burnout

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3 min readDec 1, 2023

Your days and weeks are hectic, but you still squeeze in writing time by grabbing a few minutes here or an hour there. But writing under pressure is going to catch up with you. You may have lots of great ideas, but one day, instead of writing, you’ll simply give in to fatigue. Instead of feeling inspired and motivated, you’ll be exhausted and stressed. When you’re too tired to write, take the advice of the experts on how to beat burnout and reignite your creativity.

How To Beat Burnout And Get Back To Writing

Take A Break

It may seem counterproductive, but sometimes the best way to get back to writing is to not write at all. During time in your schedule that you have blocked off for writing, put down the pen and walk away from the computer. Sign up for pottery classes, binge-watch a new series, or plan a weekend getaway. Take an extended break from writing. Once you’ve given your creative batteries time to recharge, you’ll be able to tackle your works-in-progress or start some new projects.

Change Your Schedule

If you usually write on the weekends, switch to writing on weekday evenings. Or, instead of writing every day, choose only two days when you’ll focus on writing. The schedule change doesn’t have to be permanent, just long enough for you to feel inspired and refreshed.

Write Out Of Order

Shake things up by writing out of sequence. Stay motivated by writing that fight scene you’ve been dying to get on the page, instead of writing chronologically. Whether it’s action-packed or filled with intriguing backstory, writing a scene you feel enthusiastic about will keep you engaged in the process.

Switch Genres

If you’re stuck in a creative rut, try writing in another genre. You might try rewriting existing work: Turn your thriller into a comedy, or use words, images, and ideas from one of your poems to write a full scene. You can also create something from scratch in a different genre. The new ideas and perspectives you gain from dabbling in the tropes and styles of different genres can revitalize both you and your writing.

Sleep On It



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