Quiz: Which Carnival Ride Matches Your Writing Style?

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2 min readAug 12, 2021

From cotton candy to ring toss games to Ferris wheels, there’s something for everyone at a summer carnival! We’ve noticed how some writing matches different types of carnival rides. Grab some funnel cake, place a coin on your favorite number, spin the wheel; then take our fun quiz to find out which carnival ride matches your writing style!

Writing Quiz: Which Carnival Ride Best Matches Your Writing Style?

What feelings do you hope to evoke from your reader?

  1. Surprise! And more surprise!
  2. Warmth and happiness
  3. The excitement of a journey

Which of these elements are usually found in your writing?

  1. Unexpected twists and turns
  2. A complete story arc
  3. Unique characters and settings

What motivates your characters?

  1. Discovery and survival
  2. Love and fulfillment
  3. Exploration and adventure

How do you want your readers to be engaged?

  1. My writing is a fast page-turner!
  2. My writing lifts you to new heights!
  3. My writing engages your imagination!

Which of these plot details might occur in your style of writing?

  1. Choices and the consequences
  2. Circles of friends, family, and loved ones
  3. Being surrounded by the unknown

Mostly 1: Your writing style is a Roller Coaster!

You live for the thrills! Just like a roller coaster, your writing brings surprises, twists, and maybe even a little fear to your reader. Your writing style matches the thriller and horror genres best. Your stories take your audience on a ride that will leave them gasping — and wanting more!

Mostly 2: Your writing style is a Ferris Wheel!

A Ferris wheel gently whisks you to the stars and then brings you back down to Earth, making this the ideal carnival ride for a date. Your writing style matches the romance genre! Like a Ferris wheel, you write about the ups and downs of finding love and romance. Your writing uplifts your readers — even if their relationships seem at a low point, they’ll be headed back up again soon!

Mostly 3: Your writing style is a Carousel!

Carousels are known for their fantastical creatures, from rainbow-hued horses to dragons, mermaids, and unicorns! Your work is imaginative and otherworldly, which makes your writing style perfect for the sci-fi and fantasy genres! Your readers will be transported to a world populated by the unexpected and the unforgettable.

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