How To Be A Successful Ghostwriter

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Are you haunted by the idea of becoming a ghostwriter? Writing for someone else and letting them take all the credit isn’t for everyone. But we know there’s definitely a market for this type of work: The books, memoirs, and blog posts of celebrities, bloggers, and social media influencers are often ghostwritten. Politicians, executives, and key players in timely current events will also use ghostwriters for books, speeches, articles, and more. If you’re interested in scaring up a few of these projects, here are our best tips on how to be a successful ghostwriter.

Becoming A Successful Ghostwriter

A busy blogger might have a great concept for a book and a built-in audience ready to buy — but no time to write the book. Or a politician might want to write a memoir, but isn’t great with the process and minutia of writing. Another example: Maybe a medical researcher who’s brilliant with scientific facts and technical writing needs a writer who can take the information and create an engaging narrative that will appeal to readers who aren’t scientists. These are just a few instances where someone might use a ghostwriter.

Often, the person who hires a ghostwriter provides an outline or a complete rough draft that needs to be overhauled. It’s also common for ghostwriters to thoroughly interview their subjects.

3 Tricks To Landing Ghostwriting Assignments

  1. Hone your writing skills. Before you think about seeking ghostwriting opportunities, be sure to perfect your writing skills! Your future ghostwriting clients will often be available to help with the substance of your work — but they’re counting on you to give it style and readability!
  2. Put together an airtight portfolio. One key to landing ghostwriting gigs is to show potential clients how flexible you are. Your ghostwriting portfolio should include writing on many different topics in different formats, genres, and styles. You can also include excerpts from past work and testimonials from ghostwriting clients as long as you have permission from your clients.
  3. Network, network, network! One successful ghostwriting job can easily snowball into more opportunities — but you have to land that first assignment. Make sure publishers, editors, and agents know…
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