Do Self-Published Authors Need To Blog?

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3 min readMay 18

There are still authors who believe once they publish a book, all they have to do is sit back and let the royalties roll in. However, in today’s competitive marketplace, both traditionally published and self-published authors need to actively promote themselves and their books if they want to make sales. There are many ways to reach your audience, including social media, book reading events, and freebies. But the marketing experts know one of the best ways to build a long-term relationship with readers (aka potential buyers!) is through a well-maintained blog. Here’s why self-published authors need to blog.

Why Self-Published Authors Need To Blog

Though there are multiple social media platforms you can use to build your author brand, they don’t offer as much flexibility or opportunities for targeted personalization as blogging. Think of it this way: you are the brand you are ultimately trying to sell — the book is almost secondary. By writing engaging content and posting consistently, you can draw fans and readers into your writing life so they become interested in you and your work.

While your author website should be the hub for your online presence, your blog is the heart and soul of that presence. And the long-term benefits of blogging aren’t limited to book marketing!

Establish your author brand and platform. Even before your book is published, blogging is a great way to build a solid platform as an author. It allows you to connect with readers and form a relationship as they get to know you and your work more in-depth. And the longer you blog on a consistent schedule, the larger your platform can potentially grow — which will increase your marketing reach when you’re ready to promote your self-published book.

Maintain discipline and practice. Blogging is most effective when you stick to a schedule. When your followers can depend on you to post regularly, they’ll continue to visit and read your blog. And having to come up with interesting topics while composing your posts will foster a sense of discipline that will work to solidify your voice as a writer.

Connect with your readers. Writing a book takes a lot of time. How do you stay connected to your readers in the meantime? Blog! Most blogs allow…

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