Create Your Own Mini Writing Retreat On A Budget

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3 min readSep 28, 2021

After spending so much time writing at home, you may be ready for a change of scenery. While attending a writing retreat might seem like a great way to refresh your mind and your writing, budget concerns, scheduling limitations, and the fact that your favorite retreat may currently be on hiatus means you’re still stuck in your house. But don’t give up hope! Here are some tips to help you create your own rejuvenating mini writing retreat without breaking the bank.

Ideas For A Mini Writing Retreat On A Budget

Set off for an exciting new locale…at home

If you usually write at a desk in your bedroom or home office, switch to another room in your house. Your living room or kitchen window might have a great view of the horizon or overlook interesting architecture. Wherever you relocate, choose a spot near a window, preferably to the front or side of your writing space. Natural lighting helps you relax and concentrate when you’re writing for hours at a time. Your backyard or patio can also stand in for a peaceful garden setting.

You can create inspiring ambiance with inexpensive scented candles, gentle spa music, even some sticky notes with inspirational quotes.

Try a new location that’s nearby

If there’s a coffee shop, a library, a beach, a botanical garden, or a park nearby, consider moving your mini writing retreat to one of these “exotic” locations. Writing in a different setting can help stimulate your creativity and may even offer some unexpected inspiration from the passersby, sounds, or scenery.

You could also offer to housesit for a friend! In exchange for watering the plants or feeding the cat, you’ll enjoy a mini writing retreat in a new location. If it’s in your budget, spend a day at a nearby hotel. With more people working from home, some first-rate hotels now allow guests to experience a change of scenery by booking a room just for the day. You’ll be able to enjoy the hotel amenities while you’re there, so spend a few hours writing, then jump in the pool!

Get in the “write” frame of mind

Sure, you want to spend lots of time writing while on your retreat. But you should also take some time to get…



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