Donating to a worthy cause is a great way to send some good vibes out into the world. But did you know you could donate to charity and also boost the sales of your self-published book? “Cause marketing” is an effective way to promote your book. But it’s important to do it right in order to avoid legal issues and protect your reputation. Here’s what you need to know about how to support a worthy cause with your self-published book sales.

Support A Worthy Cause Through Cause Marketing

Why should an author consider cause marketing?

Supporting a worthy cause may convince readers to choose your book over…

Your eyes light up and you know you’re in for a treat! That’s how many of us feel when we enter an ice cream shop and see delicious flavors, toppings, and types of cones. Wouldn’t it be great if that’s what happened when a reader saw your short story, poetry, or book? Here’s the scoop on how to entice and delight an audience right from an expert — an ice cream scooper at an ice cream shop. Turns out there’s more to pick up from behind the ice cream counter than a stray M&M or sprinkles. …

As any reader can tell you, a well-written book has the power to transport its audience to fantastic, new worlds. But what you might not realize is that the real world can be just as surprising and strange as a fictional setting — and sometimes even more so! To prove our point, we’ve put together a list of 15 incredible locations: Can you accurately identify which settings are real places that belong in a travel guide, and which you’d only find between the pages of a novel?

Fictional Settings Or Real Places?

#1. This bank has an unusual method of keeping its clients’ wealth safe…

An online presence is essential for any successful writer. In order to gain readership, promote your work, and network with writers, editors, and agents, you need an author website. The web designers you choose can make or break your online author platform. Not all web design companies are created equal, and you could easily end up with a disaster on your hands! Here are the warning signs to watch for to ensure you don’t hire the wrong design team.

Disaster Web Designers: The Warning Signs

A poorly designed, dated website

A reputable web designer or agency should use their own website as a shining example of…

A reader who is enjoying your story suddenly stops reading, looks up, and thinks — huh. That’s what happens whenever the facts don’t add up in your writing. Even if a short story or book is fiction, readers notice when the details don’t make sense. And it’s especially important to have your facts correct when writing creative nonfiction. If your WWII private stuck behind enemy lines suddenly whips out a cell phone — and isn’t a time traveler — you’ll lose your audience and your credibility. …

Born on July 21, 1899, Ernest Hemingway was destined to impact the world of literature with his unique writing style. His economical way with words had a strong influence on twentieth-century fiction, and today many of his works are considered classics. If you find you tend to overwrite, taking a few lessons from Papa Hemingway’s technique can help you cut back and tighten your writing. Here are a few tips on how to write like Hemingway and how to know what you should leave out.

How To Write Like Hemingway

A key element of Hemingway’s writing style is his conciseness. He believed writing should be…

Writers are often warned not to use passive voice and that active voice is better and preferred by readers. But what exactly is passive voice? (Hint: It has nothing to do with verb tense!) One of the best ways to avoid grammar mistakes is to have all the facts. Here’s how to avoid using passive voice in your writing and sentence construction.

Avoid Passive Voice And Improve Your Writing

In passive voice, the subject of your sentence is being acted upon by the verb, rather than doing the action. The sentence’s subject becomes the receiver of the action.

Here’s an example of passive voice: The ball was…

As more people read literary journals and books on their mobile devices, flash fiction is becoming increasingly popular. But with stories getting shorter and shorter, it may be tricky to determine if you’ve actually written flash fiction or a prose poem. The structures of these two genres can be somewhat similar. When you’re submitting work to literary journals, it’s important to know if your piece meets the proper guidelines for a prose poem or flash fiction — or you risk getting an automatic rejection. Here’s how to tell if your writing is flash fiction or a prose poem.

Flash Fiction Vs. A Prose Poem

What Is…

From cotton candy to ring toss games to Ferris wheels, there’s something for everyone at a summer carnival! We’ve noticed how some writing matches different types of carnival rides. Grab some funnel cake, place a coin on your favorite number, spin the wheel; then take our fun quiz to find out which carnival ride matches your writing style!

Writing Quiz: Which Carnival Ride Best Matches Your Writing Style?

What feelings do you hope to evoke from your reader?

  1. Surprise! And more surprise!
  2. Warmth and happiness
  3. The excitement of a journey

Which of these elements are usually found in your writing?

  1. Unexpected twists and turns
  2. A complete story arc
  3. Unique characters…

You’ve written some great short stories (and perhaps a few not-so-great stories that you’ve tossed aside), but now you’re stuck for ideas. Maybe you’ve tried writing prompts, writing exercises, and even a change of scenery, but your creative well is still dry. Here’s a suggestion that can help you come up with your next short story idea: Look at the stories you’ve already written — both good and bad — and see if you can find the story that’s “outside” the one you’ve already created. …

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