8 Ways Writers Can Go Green And Be Eco-Friendly

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4 min readDec 7, 2023

You may be surprised to learn that writers can contribute to paper and plastic waste. Printing out pages of your latest work, drinking your “to go” writer fuel (aka coffee) in a paper cup, or tossing empty disposable pens into the trash are just a few ways you might unwittingly add to environmental issues. The research experts have found some great ways writers can go green and be eco-friendly. Here’s how you can do your part to cut down on air pollution, fight climate change, and reduce your carbon footprint.

How Writers Can Go Green And Be Eco-Friendly

Go Paperless

With paper becoming more expensive, cutting back on your consumption benefits you as well as the planet. Instead of handwriting every draft of your short story, essay, poetry, or book manuscript, consider using a computer word processing program. Editing your work will be a breeze, and having all of your work in your computer is also a timesaver when it comes to sending out your submissions, since most literary journals and agents request electronic submissions.

Use Both Sides Of The Paper

Of course, sometimes you do need to see drafts of your work printed out. When you’re printing your writing for editing or review, be sure to use both sides of the page! Keep a pile of draft pages where you’ve only used one side. If you need to jot down some notes, use the blank side of these used pages. You can also recycle these pages by loading them into your printer when you need to print out a draft.

Sip From Reusable Mugs

When you’re out and about on the hunt for inspiration, you can still be eco-friendly! Instead of using a disposable plastic or paper cup, fill a reusable travel mug. Some coffee shops even offer small discounts for those who bring in their own cups. Depending on how often you buy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate while on the run, you may save a few bucks throughout the year.

This goes for cold beverages too! And while you’re staying hydrated, think about filling a reusable tumbler or mug before you leave home, instead of drinking from a disposable plastic bottle.

Recycle Ink Cartridges



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