7 Instant Blogging Ideas For Busy Writers

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4 min readSep 21, 2022

When you first started writing your blog, you were fresh-faced and eager, filled with inspiration, and had great plans. But now that time has gone by, you may be finding it more difficult to come up with new ideas for your blog articles. Plus, you have your daily to-do list crowding in on your limited writing time. If you’re in a pinch and need some ideas for fresh content fast, bloggers have come up with some great blog post tips and blogging ideas for writers that you can use for quick results: You’ll spend less time wondering what to write about, and more time writing! Here are 7 instant blogging ideas for busy writers.

7 Instant Blogging Ideas For Overworked Writers

Offer tips for writers who just started blogging: Share your blogging know-how with your readers! Your audience will appreciate your insights into what you wish you knew when you started blogging. Offer tips and encouragement.

Set a goal and start a challenge: Do you want to complete a new poem or short story — or even try your hand at a different genre? Do you need to finish your book manuscript? What about creating promotional postcards, bookmarks, or business cards for your upcoming book release? How about working on an author website? Choose a goal to blog about and get started. Your journey to achieving this goal can be an interesting blog post or series of posts. Write about your progress and how successful you are — or aren’t. Be honest with your audience about whether the process was smooth or bumpy.

You might even challenge your readers to meet a goal with you! If you and your readers are all trying to write a short story in a month, you can report on your progress and theirs. The camaraderie of working toward a common goal will keep your readers coming back for updates.

Share a list: A listicle is a quick, easy article to write if you’re in a time-crunch. You can create a list about almost anything writer-related for your blog. Choose a few of the productivity tools and apps you use (or would like to use) to help you write and stay focused. You can also offer lists of books to read, your favorite authors, the best places to write, candle scents that help spark creativity — the list of options goes on!

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