6 Creative Writing Tips For Beginners

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3 min readSep 11

You’re ready to try your hand at writing short stories, poetry, or a novel, but you don’t know where to begin. Unlike nonfiction writing, which focuses on cold, hard facts, creative writing is an artistic expression that requires putting your imagination and creativity into words. The experts have evaluated thousands of writing submissions and can offer great tips and advice to help you build a narrative and connect with readers on an emotional level. Here are our 6 best creative writing tips for beginners (veteran writers will find these helpful too!).

Creative Writing Tips And Advice For Beginners

Find Your Best Writing Environment

Whether you’re attempting to write short prose, poems, or a full-length novel, it’s important to have a dedicated writing space where you can focus on your craft. If you don’t have a studio, study, or den, carve out a corner for yourself in the living room or your bedroom. Or you can head out to the local library or coffee shop. Just make sure your writing environment is comfortable and free from distractions — and that includes your cell phone or social media feeds!

Set A Writing Schedule And Stick To It

Life can get busy and before you know it, your writing has fallen by the wayside. It’s important to block off time when you can concentrate on your creative writing. Be sure to set realistic expectations: If you have a full-time job, a busy after-work schedule, and miscellaneous pets, you’ll probably have less time for writing than someone whose life is less hectic. If you can’t commit to spending hours or even thirty minutes on your writing each day, writing just one sentence a day will still help you reach your goal!

Keep A Writing Journal

Jotting down notes, thoughts, and inspiration in a journal can help improve your creative writing. Writing doesn’t only happen when you’re sitting at your desk, typing on the keyboard. Inspiration can strike anywhere, and you don’t want to risk losing your great idea! You can use a pen or pencil and a classic bound journal with ruled pages, or go high-tech with the notes app on your phone to capture moments, reflections, quotes, and more.

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