50 Great New Blog Post Ideas for Authors (Plus Book Marketing Tips!)

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3 min readJun 22, 2018

Many writers have author websites (and if you don’t, you should!) where they actively maintain blogs to help build an audience for their books. But sometimes even the best creative writers will run out of ideas for their blogs. If you’re looking for some inspiration, today’s your lucky day! Check out this list of blog post ideas for marketing and promoting your books!

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About Nature

  1. Your relationship to a special tree, park bench, or outdoor spot
  2. Gardening (your favorite flowers)
  3. Taking a hike from a writer’s point of view (stopping to research birds, flowers, mushrooms, and other things you might need to write about in your work)
  4. A favorite nature poem (hint: careful not to break copyright laws)
  5. A special sighting of something outdoors

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About The Great Indoors

6. The best meal you ever had (and how you write about food)

7. Television shows you are currently binge watching. What’s got you hooked?

8. Tutorial with pictures of something you recently made

9. Favorite family recipe (or the meals that inspire your characters’ food)

10. The chores you love and hate most

11. A remembered/current pet (and how that related to your writing)

12. Visit to a museum, art gallery, theater, or other indoor venue

13. A new outfit that you love

Blog Post Ideas For Writing About Books And Reading

14. What you’re reading now

15. Favorite happy ending from a book

16. Favorite sad ending from a book

17. The first book that made you realize reading means a lot to you

18. Favorite memories from the library

19. Book event you recently attended

20. Quotes from books you recently read

21. Your participation in a book group



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