10 Podcasts To Boost Your Creativity

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With over 30 million episodes available, podcasts are quickly becoming the preferred form of on-the-go entertainment — they’re portable, informative, and there’s a podcast for almost every topic under the sun. With so many podcasts available, how do you choose one (or two) that will offer you the best inspiration and advice? Here is a list of the top ten podcasts that will help boost your creativity.

Podcasts That Will Help Make You A Better Writer

WSJ’s The Future of Everything

As technology revolutionizes the world, it can also inspire you with unique, new writing ideas. Episodes of this podcast can provide you with plot hooks, complicated conflicts, or just good food for thought.

TED Radio Hour

Weekly guests take a look at recent developments in modern culture and discuss the evolution of society. Listening to how the hosts explore issues from every angle is sure to start the wheels turning in your own mind.

Philosophy Bites

This podcast is a review of some of the interesting questions philosophers have posed. Is trustworthiness always a good thing? How does the way we think about ourselves match up to how we really are? Questions like these can drive a narrative and can offer you a unique lens to view your characters through.

99% Invisible

Roman Mars explores the history and reasoning behind many of the little details that make the world go round. From the development of public spaces to the most enduring cartoon sound effects, this podcast has hundreds of little hooks to pull you into a setting, or (if you’re feeling extra creative) points where history might have diverged in your story’s setting.

On Being

Host Krista Tippett interviews her guests about the finer points of what they think it means to be human. In the age of character-driven literature, Tippett’s talking points can provide you with potential conflicts or even entire character arcs to explore.

Writing Excuses

This podcast features a revolving cast of hosts, all of whom are writers themselves, talking about the different ways they tackle common problems in the creative process. With twelve seasons available, this show is sure to have an episode addressing whatever it is that’s got you stuck.

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How Do You Write

Best-selling author Rachael Herron walks you through the entire process of writing a book — from getting yourself into the chair to specific genre tricks. Whatever stage you’re at in your current project, Herron has an episode ready to talk you through it.


This show focuses on the particulars of self-publishing. How do you format your prologue? How do you find a good editor? What’s the best way to market your book? Bestseller demystifies the self-publishing process so you can focus on what you’re good at: writing.

Magic Lessons

Elizabeth Gilbert talks with well-established writers about the common fears that crop up during the writing process. Listening to authors like Neil Gaiman and Martha Beck talk about the challenges they faced — and how they got around them — is sure to inspire you to push forward with your current project.


Though not a podcast, this site offers links to a massive number of ambient sounds that are perfect for writers who have trouble focusing when it’s too quiet. And if you’re overhearing a distracting conversation from another room, myNoise can drown that out and keep you dialed in on your writing.

Podcasts are an excellent, innovative way to beat writer’s block and become inspired and motivated. Just remember to stop listening and start writing when the muse strikes!

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